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 My project


  • Multiparametersondes
    with datalogger
Water temperature
Dissolved oxygen electro-chemical
Dissolved oxygen, optical
Blue green algae/Cyanobacteria
Level data logger
  • Handhelds
ProPlus multiparameter
ProOdo oxygen, optical

  • System components
Monitoring buoy
Automatic vertical Profiling Systems
Data display for multiparameter sondes
Cable drum
  • Water monitoring
ecoTech AWS2002: automatic water sampler
Level data logger
Level and conductivity data logger
Discharge measurement using weirs and flumes
Sediment monitoring in streams
Pollution monitoring
Water quality monitoring
Measuring cabinets


Soil science
  • Seepage water
Plastic suction plates
Plastic suction cups
Glass suction plates
Glass suction cups
Ceramic suction cups
Plastic lab lysimeter
Vacuum controlers
  • Measuring device for field & lab
Water content (TDR, FDR)
Water tension with pF-meters
pH, long-term measurement in situ
Redox electrode for long-term measurement in situ
Soil gas probe
pF laboratory station for
pF 1,0 ... 2,9
Pressure extractor set for
pF 2,0 ... 4,2
  • Sampling & mapping
Soil profile tape measure 2m
Soil color book
P�rckhauer auger
Auger extraction tool
Edelman auger
Sediment samplers


Monitoring Meteorology
  • Data logging
Data logger enviLog Maxi
Outdoor covering case
Solar power
Measuring Container
  • Telemetry
enviWatch GPRS,
automated data processing
Automatic administration in internet database
Password protected, personal user profile
  • Sensors
Wind direction / speed
Air temperature
Air humidity
Air pressure
Radiation (Global/Albedo)


Malaise trap
Arboreal photo-eclector
Soil photo-eclector
Water photo-eclector
ecoVAC insect collector, motor-driven
MACFADYEN-Extractor, automatic
KEMPSON-Extractor, automatic


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Hydrology Soil science Meteorology Ecology Monitoring