Products - Monitoring

environmental monitoring

water – soil – air

  • Monitoring stations on any site worldwide
  • Autonomous stations or networks
  • Telemetry via GPRS/Internet
  • Sensors for climatological, hydrological, pedological and industrial data
  • Near real-time data by freely selectable transmission intervals
  • Access and handling from any place in the world with connection to the internet
  • Simple operation
  • Outstanding cost-benefit ratio
  • Bidirectional communication with the monitoring station via the internet

  principle of function:

The new data logger enviLog Maxi stores measurements of up to 48 connected sensors. The stored data is automatically sent via GPRS to a server in freely selected intervals (minutes ... days), where the data can be collected and displayed in GIS, charts etc.

The communication with the monitoring station for changing transmitting intervals or logger settings, works easily from your PC through a web browser.
This system transfers data at a very low cost. Transmission of the data from 6 pF-meters every quarter of an hour, for example, costs less than 5 Euros annually (example calculated based on telecommunication tariffs for Germany in 2008).

enviWatch-projects 2007/2008

Hydrology: level monitoring

Level data logger with GPRS telemetry

Hydrology: Buoys for measuring water quality

Millions of people have their untreated wastewater flow into Lake Chao (China), threatening the lake to die. German scientists and the local environmental agency are concerned with the sanitation of the lake. Three measuring buoys type „Buoy 250“, all equipped with an enviWatch GPRS data logger and with YSI 6-series multiparameter- sondes. One buoy carries in addition a meteorological station.

More information:

pF-values in three depths plus daily precipitation on the site „Kleve” (Geologischer Dienst NRW);
blue = 30 cm, red = 40 cm, yellow = 60 cm;
bar = daily precipitation; 12.07. bis 12.09. 2007

Comparison of 1 pF-meter with 4 tensiometer in the same depth
(Forschungsanstalt für Waldökologie und Forstwirtschaft SDG Süd, Trippstadt, 2008)

Pedology: pF-meter for measuring soil humidity

In 2007, six reference stations were established for maintenance-free measurement of the matrix potential in North-Rhine-Westphalia by order oft the GLD (Geological Survey).